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I was nervous, despite being a friend of Elaine’s for over 20 years! I like to think I dress myself well and bought to suit my shape at time.  I can go from 12 to a 16 at my biggest over the years.


So she came clip board and pen and paper in hand.  We emptied my entire wardrobe onto a rail.


Elaine was great.  Ever the professional and classy lady she is she explained it was all about me and there was no pressure at all, she would give recommendations and I would decide whether to heed or not.


The only question she asked of me was “what are you wanting out of today?”.


Me – “to be able to dress comfortably in casual clothes, like jeans, as I can never get a pair comfy for my curves.”


Elaine went onto advise I had an hourglass shape and whilst my colour selections were the majority of them excellent, some shapes were not me.


I tried on everything, I was comfortable enough in standing there in my underwear! Watch! I did not know my bra-size a frown from Elaine as underwear so important a visit to Bravissimo will need to be booked!


Yes my bargains not always if the colour or fit is not right.  Charity shop and Ebay have seen a lot of contributions since. 


I am now very careful as to what I buy if I need it and ask all the questions Elaine asked of me when wearing and talking through each outfit.  I have a less cluttered wardrobe, I have bought 2 pairs of jeans that I love and that fit ever so comfy.


So thanks Elaine for the guidance, advice and honesty.  I have just to sort the bra!


A few weeks ago. Elaine came over and gave my wardrobe a makeover.   First thing i did was go and get two new bras in Marks and Spencer. I was measured to get right size. This has given me a better shape. Also shape wear for wearing with a dress.  She made me try on things asked why I like tops dresses or trousers. She looked at what I had and outfits and things I had in my robes. Put together outfits for me.

I also had a shopping day with Elaine in Edinburgh where I brought new outfits. I bought different things some cold shoulder tops etc.  This was eye opening and made me look at clothes in a very different way.

I have since bought a few dresses. New tops and looking for suit jackets to add to new wardrobe.
Elaine has looked at my outfits. I am now building a really amazing wardrobe and take time to look at shape and fit off anything I buy.

Hoping she will help me in the future to keep my wardrobe up to date.

Thanks for your help Elaine x

Angie Barn

I was very nervous about my Wardrobe Edit with Elaine but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  As you will have gathered I don't really have that much confidence especially outwith my comfort zone.  And trust me I was way out of my comfort zone.  I really appreciated  your input and advice, the issue now is to remember and put your advice to good use when I am  shopping for myself.  A lot of the stuff you talked about Jim has also told me. Always paying me compliments and telling me I look great and should like myself more.  Jim is the one obviously that knows me best and you sort of said everything that Jim tells me.  I know you were totally right in what you ssid.  I know I have to try and like myself more ( I just wish I knew why I don't!!!) You certainly have put me in the right direction. Thank you for your huge input and really do wish you every success in this venture.  You'll be great.  I would also like to say it is never to late in life to become a close friend with someone and I hope you feel the same.

You are a very inspirational, strong women who deserves every success.

Thank you again Elaine and see you soon x

Pat Winning

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